Whether you are targeting Windows, Windows Phone, or Embedded, we have the experience you need to drive your product development needs.

From initial concept to the design and development of a fully tested product ready for manufacturing, we can help. By using our product development services, you can focus your time and expertise on developing your value adds for your products.

We offer:

  • Product design and development from scratch or proven templates
  • Software architecture, specification, and reviews
  • Hardware bring-up, consultation, specification, and verification
  • Power and performance analysis, tuning, and optimization
  • Porting, enhancements, code reviews, and modification of existing code
  • Hardware Compatibility Testing (HCT), which provides test suites developed by Microsoft for improved hardware and driver quality and reduced support costs
  • Feasibility studies
  • Training, Support, and Maintenance Agreements
  • All work is guaranteed!


  • Windows Driver Framework (KMDF & UMDF) drivers, WDM drivers
  • Board Support Packages (BSP), boot loaders, Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Networking: NDIS, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, MBB, Bluetooth
  • Storage: Flash, UFS, SCSI, ATAPI, SATA
  • File Systems and filter drivers
  • USB, 1394
  • PCI/PCIe
  • HID, touch, keyboard, mouse
  • User-mode services, daemons, system monitors, and custom APIs